“We’ve been in the show horse business for over 25 years and during that time, I’ve seen a lot of products claim to keep a horse settled in the show arena. EQUI+Calm is the first product to work consistently on every horse I’ve used it on! We show horses in many different disciplines from Working Hunter-Jumpers to Reining-Ranch Horses and have been pleased to get a consistent relaxed horse every time! Also, the cost is minimal when compared to the amount of time and physical health of the horse that is saved by reducing the amount of training to prepare them. EQUI+Calm is definitely a vital part of our winning program!”

Winn Alden
Champion Hunter/Jumper Rider & Trainer

Nancy Sue Ryan
NSBA Hall of Fame Rider & Top Breeder of QH Hunters

Dr. Jim Hassinger
Sports Medicine Veterinarian

“In today’s competitive show arena, every competitive edge helps in your show horse’s performance. We trust and use EQUI+Calm to ensure our horses are focused and performing at their very best.”


Brian Cox
AQHA Champion Western Pleasure Trainer

“EQUI+Calm® is our #1 choice to safely transition equine athletes back into work after a lengthy rehabilitation in our hospital. Rehab graduates are often nervous and have excessive energy that can be difficult to control. Sedative drugs can cause tripping and the loss of proprioception. We need for these athletes to know where there feet are and to keep them on the ground! EQUI+Calm® settles their anxiety, calms their gastrointestinal tract and improves their ability to focus on the work at hand. They love the flavor and the amino-acid complex is good for them.”

“I’ve used EQUI+Calm® on my Halter Horses since 2013. It has made an incredible difference in my show horses’ focus, attention, and willingness to block out outside distractions. Since 2013, we have had 32 AQHA World & Reserve World Champions and in 2014, we had 26 Overall Congress Champions. EQUI+Calm® was a big part of my success and I will continue to use it in my program.”

Matt Martin
Champion Hunter/Jumper Rider & Trainer

“EQUI+Calm® was developed after years of observation and research in the field of Equine Performance Sports Medicine. As horse show veterinarians, we have a unique perspective on the health and performance of these athletes as they train and compete. We needed a safe and effective way to reduce the workload related injuries that were occurring as a result of preparing horses for competition. By reducing excessive pre-show lunging and riding time, we effectively reduced the number of injuries we were treating and improved each horse’s potential to perform their best. EQUI+Calm® does that for us! It’s simple, it’s show legal and it works”.

“Normally a skeptic, I was pleasantly surprised by EQUI+Calm®.  This paste is easy to dispense, palatable and I was pleased with the results. I was especially impressed after using EQUI+Calm® on an anxious, rehab horse that needed some extra help to focus as well as a green youngster at his very first show.  EQUI+Calm® made a believer out of me and I now keep it on hand all the time.”

“EQUI+Calm is my choice when showing in the hunter ring. I find it keeps the horses relaxed and really focused without dulling their performance. Not only do I love how good it makes my horses feel, but it is easy to dispense in hot or cold weather and has no unpleasant odor!”

“EQUI+Calm® . . . This product is  an integral part of our competition regimen. I’ve seen marked improvement in my horses’ performance which I attribute to EQUI+Calm®’s unique combination of ingredients, aiding in both mental focus and gastric comfort.”

Keith Miller
AQHA Judge & AQHA/NSBA  World Champion

“EQUI+Calm® is an awesome product! It’s non-invasive and easy to use; it helps the horses to take a deep breath, focus and relax so that they can show to the best of their ability.”

Joe Engle
AQHA World Champion Halter Horse Trainer

Steve and Becky Meadows
Meadows Quarter Horses, Staunton, VA

Amy Hassinger
EHI President &
Hassinger Equine Rehabilitation Director

Sherry Hyland-Phillips
Champion Hunter/Jumper Rider & Trainer

“We’ve been using EQUI+Calm® since its inception. I trust my horse show veterinary team and their products - we share the same love for horses and competition. Other calming products I have tried on the market have given my horses an ill disposition or even stomach discomfort, which is not what I want for them on a competition day. EQUI+Calm® is safe and it works - it’s that simple.”

“EQUI+Calm® has truly improved the day to day show experience for the horse, rider and trainer.  Unlike other products I have used, EQUI+Calm® is easy to administer and includes a "stomach soother" which is so important to the balance of the horse in stressful show environments.  All horses are different yet I have seen a positive result in every type of show horse headed to the ring.”

Harrison Ford
Champion Hunter/Jumper Rider & Trainer