Equine Pomms were my lifesavers when I showed my horse at our first "AA" rated show. She started out very nervous with all of the commotion, but once she had the Pomms® in, she was a much calmer and happier horse, and
it made our show weekend much more enjoyable!
Buy them, you won't regret it!

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Premium Equine Ear Plugs are designed to allow your horse and pony to hear normal tones, while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises. POMMS® & PONY POMMS® “comfort plus” design protects your horse’s and pony's sensitive ears from wind, water and debris. POMMS® & PONY POMMS® are designed to promote relaxation by stimulating acupressure points in the inner ear.

Directions: Directions: Gently "roll" POMMS® & PONY POMMS® into the ear for a snug fit. Remove immediately after use by gently rolling" out of the ear.

Care: Wash POMMS® & PONY POMMS® with a mild soap and water. Towel dry.

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