Equine Healthcare International is a cutting-edge company with an exciting twist on the equine healthcare market! Headquartered in the equestrian mecca of the North Carolina Sandhills and based on the principles and values of traditional horsemanship, EHI founders and staff bring years of experience to the equine healthcare industry. We are riders, trainers, veterinarians and equine care providers who collaborate to create ingenious products to meet the needs of horses and their riders worldwide.

The offices of EHI are located within a working sports medicine veterinary clinic/conditioning center, giving us direct access to horses and their support staff. The constant contact with horses inspires new product ideas and offers a convenient forum for testing and developing the products. Each and every product has been tested for at least one year by a panel of riders from World Champion QH alumnae to Olympic medalists. Products are scrutinized, tested, modified and tested again, until both the staff and the horses tell us that it's ready for the market.

Our products are available at tack shops throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. If you are interested in becoming a Dealer for EHI, click here.

The first of EHI's two flagship products, POMMS® Equine Ear Plugs, launched world-wide in July 2008. They were eagerly snapped up and used with terrific success. POMMS® are specially designed to improve focus and encourage relaxation, allowing the horse to hear normal tones, while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises. The “comfort plus” design features soft, comfortable, non-irritating materials that protect your horse’s sensitive ears from wind, water and debris

The second flagship product, Bit Butter®, was launched in 2010. Enriched with a "mouth softening complex," Bit Butter®'s palatable blend of natural butters, essential oils and sweeteners encourage the horse's acceptance and improves focus on the bit. It's successful application for horses proved to be a winner and its sister product, LIP BUTTER™ Rider's Formula, followed close behind the same year..

 In 2013, EQUI+Calm® calming paste became the latest addition to the EHIline of products designed for horses. The all-natural, amino acid formula helps reduce adrenaline and increases endorphines to maximize performance.

Last but not least, PONY POMMS® hit the market in 2014. After listening to our customers and endless testing, we launched a smaller version of ear plugs suitable for use for ponies under 14 hands.